Form follows function

Can be personalized

  • Mount design coherent with interior/ building design
  • Different colors

Glass or sandwich paneling

Designed for hydraulic and mechanic elevators


Hidden C profiles for rail and door fastening

Glasses are installed from the inside

Hardened laminated glass paneling

Fireproof mineral wool sandwich paneling

Screwed joints


Quick and simple installing

Assemble without welding

Allows to install in fire unsafe buildings

Beams for cabin and equipment installing is included

Efficient use of space

Sustainability and innovation



Natural light celebration

Sense of arrive

Sense of short journey

Ensures quiet ride

From functionality to

  • aesthetic,
  • innovative,
  • flexible
  • coherent design

Ltd. “Conak Steel” manufacturing is accordance with EN-1090, construction has CE marking. 

* Ltd. “Conak Steel” do not offer installation of  the lift cabins, doors and control system. These works need to attract the country certified elevator installation company. We are open for cooperation with the customer selected the elevator installation company.

Since 2013, this product is exported to Norway.