Biomass dryer

MULTI-BIO Dryer prototype:
Ltd. “Conak Steel” from 15 September, 2015  until 14 September, 2016  realized the project “Renewable energy and biomass energy-efficient drying solutions development and implementation of” no. NOFI / LV06 / NAGS / 03/20, Article no. NP-2015/33.
The project on scientific research “Various biomass for efficient drying process research” data core has been developed horizontal type, portable Multi-BIO dryers with innovative integrated air recirculation system. Dryers manufactured according to EN 1090, assigned CE marking.
The project implemented in cooperation with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency, Ltd. “Green technology inkubatros” and co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009- 2014, co-financed by the program “Innovation” green “production” small-scale grants scheme.