Among the serious work when creativity breaks through the metal shell, arise

The Art of machinery

Mechanical engineering – it is an art, the art of making the complex simple. ” The Art of machinery” is engineering spark, imagination, creativity, streamlined, excitement and enjoyment of life.

To the delight of the car and the technical art lovers, we bring to life the machine parts. They have done their direct work and their working life is depreciated. “The Art of machinery” has restored the car’s heart and it is polished, painted and transformed in order to again make happy you and your guests.

PISTONS WATCH – turned into a watch, wrapped in a luxurious, gold-colored box with black velvet inside, it will be as special and stylish gift for the person who feels the car through the heart. We have Piston clock for you, whose eyes shine from Ferrari 348, BMW, Audi or Ford, and VAZ.  100% Handmade.

MOTORBLOCK TABLE – turned into coffee tables as a stylish object of design will express your values, ​​at the same time conveniently portable, functional and not at all brittle, as we – from mechanical engineering – like!

BMW V12, WV, Mercedes. 100% Handmade.